About the World Cup

The World Cup is an event to show off the talent of many disabled artists from around the world!

This year was supposed to be the year of the Olympics and Paralympics however they were postponed due to the coronavirus. BUT the Paralym Art World Cup 2020 is not! We are looking for art that will use the theme of peace to brighten up a world that has been overshadowed! For those that are chosen as winners we will be looking to invite them to the Awards' Ceremony held in November 2020!

※Invitation to the Awards' Ceremony will be based on the situation in regards to the coronavirus. There are no changes to the prizes.

The Theme for 2020 is Peace (平和)!

With this in mind, "Peace" means something different to everyone.

We're looking for pieces of art that you think encompasses this meaning!

As well as this, we are in the process of preparing prize money for the winners of the World Cup 2020! We hope that many amazing artists enter their work this year!

★Main Theme

Please enter pieces of work that make you think of PEACE!


★Entry Period

16th March 2020 – 30th June 2020

★Number of Artwork

One piece per person or group 

This is so it can be displayed at the event at Tokyo Park Hotel and possibly be sold.

Entry Format


Entry Size: A4 (210mm ×297mm) to A0(841mm x 1189mm)

Sketch, Acrylic, Water Colour, Oil Painting, Paper Art, Woodblock Print, Calligraphy, etc.

-In the event that the art is not identifiabledue to scanning errors, the image is uneven or not able to be verified, we will not judge the entry. 

Points of Caution


Entry can only be done via the Paralym Art World Cup Official Home Page. Entries outside of this system will not be judged. Entries sent in error will be destroyed.

-Winning pieces will not be returned.

Works that don't follow the guidelines for size, or rules for entry will not be judged and will not be considered for a prize

Please enter a piece of work that has the theme of Peace in mind.

In regards to the winners of the World Cup, the entries may be subject to sale, or reproduction. This may result in change or modification of the work. 

-In the case of sale, proceeds via royalties will be paid to the artist, and the original work will not be returned.

Please submit art for which the artist or acting facilitator can claim copyright for.

Works that do not follow the guidelines, such as works which does not follow size guidelines, and so on, will not be considered.

Regardless of the results of the competition, the entries may be used for the purpose of advertising and promotion.

Part of the operations of the World Cup will be entrusted to an third party via an Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Inquires about length of judging will not be answered. 

Selection schedule


First Selection: July 2020~: Paralym Art and judges

Final selection: August 2020~: Voting of judges and sponsors 

General voting: mid-April to early July 2020 (planned)

-You can vote once for your favourite pieces of art!! The top three artwork with the most votes will be displayed at the award ceremony!

Results: November 2020: To be announced here, on SNS, and at awards ceremony.

-Notification of the award will be sent from the Paralym Art Management Office.

-The winning works will need to be delivered to the Paralym Art Office. Shipping costs will be borne by Paralym Art.

-Winners will be contacted individually, so please make sure that contact information entered is correct.

Number of Winners


Grand Prix Winner! 1 person

Runners Up 2 People

Embassy Award 1 per country

Sponsor award undecided

Judges Awards # of judges 

Home Page Voting 3 People

-Prizes may be increased or decreased due to unforeseen circumstances.

-Prizes other than the Grand Prix / Second Grand Prix are TBC. Info will be posted on the Home Page when decided.

Prizes for Winners


First and Second place and other winners will be invited to the awards ceremony in Tokyo in November 2020 ! 

-Additional awards also being prepared.

-The winning works may be used in various designs by sponsor companies.

-Additional prizes will be announced here on the website as soon as they are decided.



The information will be announced on the Paralym Art World Contest website as soon as it is decided.

Rules of Entry


- Only limitations are on whether or not you are disabled.

Entry not limited to Japanese artists, those from abroad may enter their work! 

-Winners will be presented along with the type of disability, so if we do not receive such evidence the prize will be rescinded.

We ask you to read all the applicant agreement found as a file at the end of the entry

-Please check the application rules at the bottom of the entry page

Group or Individual applications are welcome!

Winners will be asked to send the original artwork. 

Due to the above, the original winning works will not be returned.

Please make sure you check the following points

- For those that don't have access to the internet personally, we ask for you to find someone that can apply for you on your behalf.

- Please enter you work after scanning, or after taking a picture via digital camera or mobile phone.

- If a piece of work is entered with the applicant reading or omitting information, the art will not be judged.

- Please attach the full scan or photo of work, from top to bottom.

- After entry, please note you cannot edit the entry.

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