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Paralym Art observes laws and various social rules and strives to establish higher corporate ethics and strictly observe laws and regulations in view of their social mission.

Basic policy on anti-social forces

Paralym Art has established the following basic policy in order to threaten social order and security and to cut off relations with anti-social forces that hinder sound economic and social development. We will comply.

1. Response as an organization

The Association will respond to unfair demands by anti-social forces as a whole organization while ensuring the safety of staff members who respond, and endeavor to resolve problems promptly.

2. Cooperation with external specialized organizations

In preparation for unfair demands by anti-social forces, the Association will establish close solidarity with outside professional agencies, such as police, violence promotion centers and lawyers.

3. Breaking relationships, including transactions

In addition to strongly recognizing the social responsibilities of corporations, the entire organization will cut off relationships, including dealings with anti-social forces, as a whole, In cases of violent demands, unlawful demands that exceed legal responsibilities, or dealings, they make intimidating actions or use violence, spread rumors, and use false countermeasures or power. Any act that damages the reputation of the Association or hinders the work of the Association and the Movement, or any other act pursuant to the preceding items) will be rejected.

4. Civil and criminal legal response in an emergency

The Association will respond decisively to anti-social forces by taking legal action, both civil and criminal.

5. Prohibition of funding, inappropriate and unusual transactions and provision of convenience

The Association will not, for any reason, provide funds to conceal cases from antisocial forces, or provide inappropriate or unusual transactions or facilities.



Enactment date February 29, 2020 

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