Nearly 100 total artwork entries!

Mon May 25 2020

We've had nearly 100 entrants so far for this year's Paralym Art World Cup 2020! Thank you to all the applicants and we hope that you feel as proud as we do seeing your work up on the site!

As well as this, we've reached over 500 votes for the various different pieces of artwork! 

For those that haven't yet seen the artwork yet or voted, please do so by going to

For those that wish to enter please go to:

Also don't forget about the crowdfunding project we are running to help pay for some of the costs of creating the voting system! We hope you can spread the word about this as well!


Final entries totals 872!

Mon July 27 2020

Entry Period ends with over 850 entrants!

Tues July 7 2020

Over 500 entries received

Mon Jun 29 2020

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