Final entries totals 872!

Mon July 27 2020

Thank you to all the applicants we've had so far!!! We have now tallied up the total amount of 872!

Many of these come from the UK, Iran, Canada, Taiwan and Ukraine! About 460 of the entrants came from overseas, and we are extremely grateful for all the people that have submitted their pieces of artwork.

We are now in the voting period so for those that haven't yet seen the artwork yet or voted, please do so by going to creating an account and voting for your favourites!

For those that wish to search for your own artpiece you can go to please note you aren't able to vote via this search page. 


Final entries totals 872!

Mon July 27 2020

Entry Period ends with over 850 entrants!

Tues July 7 2020

Over 500 entries received

Mon Jun 29 2020

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