About Us

Helping disabled artists realise their dreams

Paralym Art looks to help disabled artists, by giving them a way to survive without having to have a dependence on social security programs, and to help them form ties with companies that will help back these amazing artists.


As well as this, in preparation for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we have received the Beyond 2020 recognition

What Paralym Art Does

We work with people with disabilities to become financial independent

Paralym Art as a social Business

We work with artists with disabilities using their art and designs and so on

We pay royalties of 50% to all of our artists that are registered with us and whose work we use

Anyone can join no matter which disability they have

From April 2018 to March 2019 we saw a remuneration to artists totaling 11,869,393 Yen

The Role of Paralym Art

Improving the situation of artists with disabilities

Current situation for many people with disabilities
※For reference please refer to the Japanese Ministry of Health

Lack of understanding of social participation

Lack of relationships with others 

Financial Distress

About 7% of the Japanese population has a disability

4.36 mil with physical disabilities 1.08 mil with intellectual disabilities 3.92 mil with mental disabilities)

※People under 65 with disabilities: about 4.15 mil (physical: 1.08 mil, intellectual: 790,000,  mental: 2.28 mil)

Number of people with disabilities working in public / private companies about 530,000

(Of disabled people working, about 70% are physically disabled)

The actual number of users of disability welfare services: about 1.12 mil

The poverty rate of the general population is 16%, while for disabled people it's 56%

* Refer to the 2019 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “White paper on disabled people

Paralym Art works in various ways to create a place where people with disabilities can play an active role and to solve the issues that people with disabilities have!

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